Creatography’s philosophy is based on unique, individual experiences which are not reproduced, but rather captured and preserved. We believe in quality rawness, not quality Photoshop. That said, every photograph that you receive from your wedding is individually hand-edited one at a time. This important part of our unique method is referred to as ‘post-processing’ and applies to all of the work that is performed on your photographs after they are captured.

“Rather than distorting or manufacturing moments, Creatography focuses on a natural, simplistic editing style in order to refine & polish your photographs”

A man lifts a kid.A father lifts his smiling son.

How do we maintain a natural aesthetic when editing? There are several unique elements that we edit during the post-processing treatment. Colour correction ensures that skin tones look natural, shadows and highlights are perfected to reflect finer details in both dark and light areas whereas other elements such as balance, tone, brightness and saturation are reviewed to enhance the overall quality of the final photograph.

“We edit true to life”

Creatography only edit photographs to the point where you cannot tell that any editing has taken place.

Groomsmen enjoying the sun in a Melbourne parkGroomsmen casually talking at the wedding ceremony garden.

“Our aesthetic is reminiscent of the classic Kodak Portra colour negative film emulsion, specifically designed for portrait and wedding work with fine grain structure and smooth natural skin tones”

We don’t believe that your special day should be permanently edited to a temporary fad or style. We create photographs that stand the test of time, as we want you to remember those moments just the way they were – simply natural.

Engagement photography of young coupleEngagement photography of young couple

“We could not be happier with the photographs you have taken for us. We are so glad to have chosen you as our photographer for our wedding day. These photos will be treasured for years to come by not only us, but many family members and friends as well.”

~ Ella & Vaughan