Celebrate your relationship with an engagement photography session while planning the biggest day of your life. A relaxed and casual environment that is specifically designed not to be a photo shoot. A rekindling experience with your loved one, that allows you to get to know your photographer, and establish a relationship that will serve you well on your wedding day. The opportunity to work together before your wedding will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable on your big day.

Weddings are busy events, usually running on a tight schedule. At an engagement photography shoot, the atmosphere is a lot calmer. These less formal sessions allow you to be more creative and experimental. It is a great time to create unique photos that reflect you and your fiancé.

Places of significance often make for more meaningful engagement photographs. Let’s face it, there are locations in Melbourne where you would love to hold your wedding that aren’t a realistic place to take photographs on your wedding day.

A funky café, your favourite garden that’s on the other side of town from your church or venue, a grand high-rise in the middle of Melbourne, or a unique rock-face overlooking the ocean on a secluded beach.

These personal sessions allow you to truly celebrate each other and your relationship. Couples are encouraged to share what they most love about one-another and relive special moments, allowing your photographer to capture honest emotional and un-posed photographs.

Above all, you are experiencing an exciting time in your life. You have committed to someone, and this changes everything for both of you. This is why engagement photography is such an important milestone of recording your journey as a couple together.

When choosing what to wear for an engagement photography shoot, keep outfits simple. Try to coordinate, but don’t match. Pick colours and clothing that complement you and each other. It’s always a good idea to bring a few outfits just in case. The best outfits are ones that reflect you. If you are having make-up done, keep it a natural-look. You could schedule an appointment with a professional or have a wedding day make-up trial on the date of the engagement photography session. You also get a chance to see how your hair and make-up look on camera. Many make-up artists will allow you to have a trial for your engagement photography session.

Plan a few activities that you would like to do together. This shoot is about you and your partner – incorporate them into the session for a fun and gentle reminder of the love you share, and most importantly why you fell in love in the first place. Props, such as something special made together or an anniversary gift, showcase your personalities and rapport as a couple. Remind yourself of a few special moments and stories beforehand, that you can share during the shoot.

Remember an engagement photography session is really about celebrating you as a couple, reconnecting and reminding yourselves of what you love most about each other.

The added bonus of an engagement photography session – photographs from your shoot can be used for save-the-date cards, invitations, banners or a gorgeous bonbonniere for your up-and-coming wedding!