Licquorice is director of staff health and well-being

Her role is to assist with stress relief and day to day mentoring

She is an excellent listener and will provide undivided attention (unless she spots her leash, her treats, a tennis ball or a bird trying to steal her breakfast)

She has impeccable customer service and will race to be first to greet you with inexhaustible excitement

She has a playful attitude and craves attention

She is a superb curator of fine photography and has been known to cry when viewing emotional portraits during editing sessions

In her spare time she loves to eat shoes and take long walks on the beach

She appreciates the finer things in life – a good belly scratch, socialising with the neighbours and terrorising her sister Chloe (the cat)

Her wagging tail is guaranteed to brighten your day

She sits way above Brett Ginsberg in the pecking order