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“Thank you Brett for the wonderful job you did at our wedding! You have a creative flair that sets you apart from the rest, your work is superb and your professional manner outstanding. We loved what you did!”
~ Nicole & Wayne

Brett Ginsberg – Wedding Photography Melbourne

Melbourne wedding photographer Brett Ginsberg established Creatography to bring an unconventional creative approach to wedding photography. We specialize in breaking rules, pushing past vanilla and being daringly innovative. Offering wedding photography with an unobtrusive, minimalistic approach, we blend in on your wedding day while capturing natural un-posed photos with a classic look.

If you are here, you are probably flaunting a shiny new ring and in the process of planning your dream wedding day. Congrats. Searching for the ideal wedding photographer can be both exciting and overwhelming. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you to receive all the information you need and understand that not just any wedding photographer will do.

One of the first qualities that a wedding photographer should have is outstanding interpersonal skills. This is the person that will be working with and around your loved ones to get the photographs you need for your special day, so the photographer absolutely needs to have good people skills. Your wedding photographer should help your family and friends relax rather than putting them on edge. A good wedding photographer is the key to making you feel comfortable in front of the lens and is often the difference between an okay photograph and an amazing one.

The importance of ensuring you choose Brett as your Melbourne wedding photographer

who you connect with and more importantly – whom you can trust – cannot be understated. After all, this will hopefully be a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture every special moment during your wedding day. Make sure you do your research and the business is a reliable and reputable one. You should always meet with your wedding photographer to ensure that they are the right fit. Ask to see multiple examples of work, preferably an extensive example of at least two couples’s weddings. This includes all of the ‘in-between’ photographs of the day to ensure that you’re not just viewing the best selection of edits.

Over the years trends in wedding photography have changed and evolved to include many new fads and ingenious ideas, but one constant always remains; most people want candid, natural and relaxed photographs. At Creatography we blend this with fresh creativity and a classic, true to life aesthetic. Your ideal wedding photographer will provide calmness and confidence while documenting your wedding in an authentic and honest way. You want someone who gives artistic direction, not someone who requests routine staged positions that you’ve seen a thousand times over. You need someone who understands your vision & ensures that the photographs reflect your unique personality.

Keeping these details in mind can go a long way to making your wedding photography experience a memorable one. Finding, securing and trusting a Melbourne wedding photographer should not be a difficult task, it should be fun and enjoyable. If you ever have any questions on what makes a great Melbourne wedding photographer, be sure to get in touch.